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Say hello to walk.in, the premier access control and smart lock
operating system purposefully built for the multifamily industry.


Doors currently managed via walk.in's automation and access technology.


Increase in prospect tour volume utilizing walk.in's SelfTour technology. year over year.


Increase in workload efficiency among leasing and operations teams.

Automated Multifamily Access Control

Finding a next-level access control partner can be liberating for your whole organization. Imagine a seamless connection between your property management system, CRM, and your access control hardware


Welcome to the power of walk.in, where the tools you use every day are finally integrated. Say goodbye to jumping between systems and maintaining separate platforms for property management and access control. Say hello to walk in, the future of multifamily operations.

Game Changer

This app totally revolutionized my apartment search. Super easy to use and has all the information I needed which I typically have to spend time to reach out to an agent to ask. I highly recommend this, makes the process seamless!

Viewing an apartment has never been so easy

After using this app it feels like this is how we should have been doing things forever!! Being able to see an apartment so seamlessly and on your own schedule is priceless. So user friendly too! Every building should have this. - Sandra O.

The Impact

"Walk.in has had a substantial impact on nearly every department of Goldfarb Properties - hours saved, improved efficiencies, faster apartment turns, and ultimately millions of dollars saved."

Prospect Tour Journey

Prospects arrive and start their tour at their scheduled time utilizing access solutions for contactless community access.

Prospect Tour Journey

Prospects arrive and start their tour at their scheduled time utilizing access solutions for contactless community access.

    Smarter Automations
    Simple Property Operations

    Creating a more efficient system starts with data directly from your property management system.

    Real-Time Dashboard

    Less agency time spent on showings. Prospective residents can gain access with secure keyless entry via our mobile app. 
A simple prospect experience for everyone.

    Allow secure access to amenities

    Offer Tours outside normal business hours. Customize hours for each property while maximising team efficiencies.

    Seamless Property Operations

    Unlock the potential of your operations team without the hassle of physical key management. Give your team more flexibility to manage their workload with smart lock automation, simplifying the entire apartment turn process and resident life cycle.

    Simple Resident Experience

    Secure and simple building and apartment access. Convenient features via a smartphone app that eliminates the need for physical keys. From move-in to move-out, the resident experience is streamlined.


    Streamlined Leasing Process

    Streamline the workflow for busy rental agents. Spend less time on administrative tasks and in-person showings, and more time on high-impact activities that affect the bottom line.


    Easier Prospect Experience​

    Our +SelfTour solution is a swift and secure way to accommodate 70% of renters who prefer to view properties outside of regular business hours on their own terms. A simple smartphone app provides access to all available doors.

    A Future-Proof Investment

    A trusted owner and operator of over 7,000 apartments in the New York metro area recognized the need for a more streamlined process for prospects and residents. Here’s how walk.in supercharged the entire property lifecycle.

    Apartments stayed vacant for less time. Smart lock activation and +SelfTour provided real-time analytics and leasing feedback.

    Increasing tour hours beyond “A Typical Business Day” brought not-so-typical results in time efficiencies for their entire organization.

    The intuitive and flexible platform played well with others. walk.in seamlessly integrated with their property management system.

    Next-generation access control

    Founder Philip Goldfarb talks about how how securing legacy locks over the last 7 decades created Walk.In : Next-generation aaccess control...

    Physical keys will soon be a thing of the past

    Demystifying access control to your renters and future residents. Physical keys will soon be a thing of the past...

    More than 7,000 New York residents

    WALK.inis now used by more than 7,000 New York residents and the door is finally open to partners! Come see us in Trade Show Booth _ in June 2022...
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